Friends of the Environment and of our Future

CMI began operating in 1984, with a driving force in a constantly changing industry. With the strong desire to participate in the improvement of air quality we were the first company to participate in the Clean Truck Program by introducing green Clean Diesel and clean Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) trucks to our fleet in the fall of 2008. By 2012 our entire fleet was 100% clean making us absolutely exempt from port fees (in California).

In 2012 we expanded our drive to reduce our footprint by placing an LNG fueling station within our Los Angeles / Long Beach container yard.

At CMI, we have made the commitment to continually reduce the footprint that we leave behind contributing to the protection of our evolving environment.

  • Lower emissions
  • 20% fewer greenhouse gases
  • Less than half the nitrogen oxide of traditional diesel engines

Our Fleet is EXEPMT from Clean Truck Fees



As a member of the Coalition for Responsible Transportation we are an active participant in the Clean Truck Program in our Sumner & Fife Washington facilities as well as in our Oakland & Wilmington, California locations. CMI America is eagerly waiting for the programs to be available for our other locations.

SmartWay Certificate Awarded to California Multimodal, LLC


SmartWay is a partnership in which freight carriers and shippers commit to benchmark operations, track fuel consumption and improve performance annually.  CMI America has committed to the continual improvement of our environmental performances within our operations and services.