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Our Mission

At CMI Transporation, LLC, we are a family company. As a leading logistics provider, we strive to provide a commitment to excellence in the supply-chain industry.   From our employees and contractors, to our clients and our partners, we operate on values of trust, loyalty and dedication. Every member of our CMI family shares the pride and pledge of providing premier service to you. Above, beyond, and nothing less. Count on the power of CMI to deliver what you need, when you need it.

CMI Business Network


Map ID Location Drayage Warehouse
1.  Seattle – Tacoma, WA  YES  YES
2.  Oakland, CA  YES  NO
3.  Los Angeles – Long Beach, CA  YES  YES
4.  San Diego, CA  YES NO
5. Calexico, MX NO NO
6.  Phoenix, AZ  YES NO
7.  Joliet, IL  YES  YES
8.  Memphis, TN  YES  NO
9.  New Jersey – New York  YES  YES
10.  Norfolk, VA  YES  YES
11.  Wilmington, NC  YES  NO
12.  Charleston, SC  YES  NO
13.  Savannah, GA  YES  YES
14.  Atlanta, GA  NO  NO
15.  Jacksonville, FL  YES  NO
16.  Mobile, AL  YES  NO
17.  Houston, TX  YES  NO


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