Port & Rails

Port & Rails

In the Supply Chain industry, the U.S. Ports and Rail yards are vital and complex economic engines. U.S. Ports have become more impacted with heavy volumes of cargo, making it more difficult for equipment providers to keep up with the demands year after year. An inadequate supply of chassis often presents complications to not only the drayage providers and their customers but also to the cargo owners. At CMI Transportation, we have invested in chassis of our own to tackle the equipment shortage issues. Our customers can count on this important investment to help avoid delivery delays that many other companies encounter.

From Pier Pass admissions and fees during daytime hours, to clean truck regulations, you can count on CMI to be a step ahead of the game, meeting and exceeding all government requirements which in turn allows us to continue to provide top notch service.

With our strong alliances with the port and railroads across the United States, we are able to provide transportation services in or out of all service areas. Whether you are in search of transportation or warehousing services in northeast, northwest, southeast or southwest, we have you covered.

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