Warehouse Services

Consolidation and Deconsolidation

Consolidation and deconsolidation is another supply chain service that provides significant cost savings to many industries. Our consolidation services combines numerous small shipments together and ships them out as a larger shipment, hence cutting the costs of shipping each individual shipment, while our deconsolidation services separate large shipments from containers  for speedy delivery resulting in reduced transit time.

Inventory Management

CMI Transportation, LLC uses world-class logistics technology and warehouse management systems that allow us to excel in providing supply chain services throughout the United States. Taking advantage of our exceptional expertise, manufacturers, importers and exporters can improve key financial performance indicators, including return on investment, return on assets, inventory turns, and working capital. Our solutions effectively utilize warehouse space not just for inventory, but also for manufacturing or other value-added services.  CMI can handle all of your inventory replenishing, receiving, shipping and control. In a vendor managed inventory model, overall costs are reduced, inventory levels are lowered and resupply is provided when necessary.

Forwarding Services

With strong and established relationships with rail carriers, over-the-road carriers, air freight carriers and ocean carriers CMI Transportation, LLC is able to offer efficient freight forwarding and logistics services, balancing cost, speed, and reliability.

As a freight forwarder specializing in international freight forwarding, we can step in as an intermediary between your company and transportation service providers to get your product to the right place transporting products from one international location to another involves a multitude of requirements, carrier relationships, documentation and legalities for the success of the delivery of each shipment. If your company handles international transportation of goods, CMI can save you an infinite amount of time and headaches by providing you with reliable service of the transportation for your products at competitive rates.

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